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ABACI International, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our expanded middleware services on the Apache ActiveMQ product.  Apache ActiveMQ is the worlds most popular and powerful open source messaging provider.  See:  http://activemq.apache.org/

 ABACI International, Inc. is pleased to add Oracle Tuxedo middleware services to complement our TOP END middleware services.  Now, for customers of Tuxedo we can provide the same great services we have provided over the years with the TOP END product.

ABACI International, Inc. is pleased to announce the General Customer Availability of TopMon, the TOP END performance monitor.

TopMon automatically collects the performance statistics of TOP END applications on all the nodes in an enterprise, and forwards them to one central location. These statistics can then be viewed using TopMon's GUI display utility. Performance can be viewed in a real-time mode via different built-in graphs; as the data changes, so does the graph. Additionally, users can print reports showing historical performance. 

Access to TopMon's rich pool of information will help you better maximize your resources. You will be able to: 

Track response times of end users 

Identify potential bottlenecks 

Identify problems associated with an application, database, network, or operating system 

TopMon's flexible design allows users to easily select which TOP END applications to monitor. The scope can be as broad as all applications across all nodes in a TOP END system, or as narrow as a single service on a single node. 

Existing TOP END applications do not need to be re-compiled or even re-linked in order to cooperate with TopMon. Simply install TopMon right out of the box, and it will immediately begin to collect performance statistics for all of your TOP END applications. Almost instantaneously your environment will begin to take advantage of the rich features of TopMon. 

See the TopMon Web Page for more information, or send us email at sales@abaci.com. 

ABACI International is also pleased to anounce the introduction of a new 1 day training module that covers the new TOP END Active/X Interface (TEC). This one day training session introduces the student to the TOP END TEC API and teaches the student how to quickly write a Visual Basic Windows Application that uses the TOP END TEC API. 



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