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Middleware Services

ABACI International provides the following world class middleware services:

Year-round Education in San Diego

We offer Introduction to TOP END, Advanced TOP END, and TOP END on Windows courses year-round at our training facilities in San Diego, California.  These courses are for students who want a well rounded, but accelerated hands-on tour of the TOP END product.

Customized On-site Education

We offer a variety of one-day class modules from which you can create your own customized TOP END education.  Our instructors will travel on-site to deliver the course.  On-site education is for customers who desire flexibility in their training curriculum or wish to save on student travel expenses.

System Architecture and Design

High-level system architecture and design are the first steps towards creating a framework for application development.  Our architects will focus on evaluating your client/server requirements and integrating them into a software/hardware solution.  As part of this phase, our consultants will document your system requirements as well as our recommended architecture and design.

Rapid System Prototyping

Rapidly prototyping a system for “Proof of Concept” will test the application building blocks and the designed business logic.  As part of rapid prototyping, our consultants will analyze the functional components of your system as well as their inter-dependencies.  Finally, a working prototype of your system will be created from the design.

Application Development

Our Professional Services can complement your application development efforts with highly specialized resources to meet your objectives.  These consultants will assist in installation, configuration, development, and testing.  They will function as members of your development team, and will bring the right skills to address your immediate needs.

System Performance Tuning

In order to achieve maximum throughput for your system, some degree of tuning is required.  This tuning may involve modifications to the applications, database, or even the operating system.  Our consultants will utilize their extensive experience to identify and resolve all bottle-necks.  This will allow your system to reach peak performance.


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